Top Three Aircond Service Near Me

Top Aircond Service Near Me

Regions with tropical climates in Indonesia present challenges in house maintenance. One system that requires special attention is the AC unit. Therefore, aircond service near me is needed if there is damage to the air cone.

Top Three Aircond Services Near Me in Indonesia

Various sites providing AC service providers now need to be known by many people. AC is not only used in offices but also used in homes. An aircond service near me is needed. Here are some of the best home AC service provider sites for you:

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1. Aircond Service from Easy Cool

The fourth best home aircond service near me is Easy Cool. Not only providing services in the form of AC service, but Easy Cool also provides several other services such as washing AC, disassembling AC, and trading it in.

You don’t even need to worry about using this home AC service provider because the technicians provided are also experienced, professional technicians. In addition, you will also get a guarantee for further repairs.

You only need to make a reservation in advance through the Easy Cool site or the application. However, if you want to book through the application, you can download it on the PlayStore. It is because the Easy Cool application is only available on Android devices.

2. Aircond Service from PT. Bukakainti Aircon

PT. Bukakainti Aircon is a contractor company in the air conditioning industry – HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning). This company has served clients with various project needs.

There are three main advantages of PT. Unlock Aircon. The first advantage in professional engineering as a national and ISO9001 certified HVAC contractor company is that the company has more than one hundred experienced specialist technicians.

These engineers are ready to provide comprehensive solutions by listening to and understanding your specific needs.

The second advantage is teamwork on track. Installation work on equipment and materials according to schedule. This service is also always ready to ensure all facilities run smoothly. Good results come from a team that is great at working together.

The last advantage is in terms of after-sales service and maintenance. The company provides on-site alignment controls, services on prevention and after sales, ac repairs, and modifications.

3. Aircond Service from Sejasa

The next best home AC service provider is Sejasa. This home AC service provider provides several AC services in almost all of Indonesia. To use this AC service, the first thing you need to do is write down your needs on this site in detail.

After that, you need to wait sometime to get an offer and an estimated cost given by 1-6 professional AC service providers. You can immediately compare and choose which AC service provider suits your needs and budget from these offers.

You can also see the portfolio of the AC service technician you have chosen, along with testimonials from previous customers.

That way, you don’t need to doubt the service later. In addition, Sejasa also provides a guarantee if at any time your product is damaged again after repair.


The aircon service near me above can help you solve the problem of damage to your home or office air conditioner.

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